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The Welcome House is a not-for-profit, sober living, recovery program (incorporated in 1971) with “the sole purpose of educating and rehabilitating the adult male alcoholic/addict” and “the expressed mission of returning the individual to productive society free of alcohol and drug abuse.”

Welcome House, Inc. has the availability at this time to educate and serve 80 men and is currently operating at capacity.  The Welcome House program of recovery is based upon the 12-step substance abuse programs.  Each man lives at Welcome House and is required to secure and maintain a job to cover his weekly room and board.  No time limit is placed on the client’s recovery program, as each man has individual needs and goals to address.

The purpose of Welcome House is to provide a clean and sober living environment for men while they rebuild their lives.  Reconstruction and learning new ways of dealing with life on life’s terms is the primary goal of the program at Welcome House.  This is best stated by our Mission Statement: “Welcome House is committed to providing a high-quality, moral, and open residential program to recovering alcoholics and drug-addicted men facing the difficult transition from treatment, incarceration, and homelessness to reintegration back into society as productive citizens.”