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Jobs Wanted

The Welcome House is actively seeking employment opportunities for residents currently participating in the Sober Living Recovery program. Employment opportunities include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Individual or Corporate Employer
  • Single or Mulitple Resident
  • Full-time or Part-time
  • Project Specific or Day Labor

Please note: The minimum hourly rate for project specific or day labor jobs is $12/hour.

Box Truck Rental

Do you need help with a local move? How about hauling yard or other trash to the dump? Why not let the men of Welcome House do the heavy lifting for you?

Base Cost: 

  • $50 Truck Rental Fee
  • $12 Minimum Hourly Rate- Welcome House Driver (required) and Per Additional Man (labor)
  • $12 per hour for each additional man needed

If you are interested in hiring a resident of the Welcome House, scheduling a job, or renting the box truck, please contact Micah Haen at micahhaen@welcomehousekc.org or Mitchell Chalk at mitchellchalk@welcomehousekc.org or either at 816-472-0760.

“These guys are great. They have great attendance, they have great attitudes….they have been a great addition to our company. They are motivavted- they are working on changing their lives- and they’ve been great employees for us.”

Bridget Vitali, Owner, Midwest Periodicals