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Sober Living Recovery Program

The Welcome House Sober Living Recovery program provides a safe, structured and supportive environment with a focus on personal accountability and responsibility. Based on the 12-step model, the program has helped almost 16,000 men (in 46 years) in their battle against substance abuse disorder, alcoholism and addiction. This simple program can work for any alcoholic or addict.


  • Do Not Drink or Use (Zero Tolerance)
  • Go to Meetings
  • Get a Sponsor
  • Get a Job
  • Pay Program Fee (Rent)


  • Structured Community Environment
  • 9 Month Residency (Recommended)
  • Assessment and Referral Requirements
  • Focus on Personal Responsibility & Accountability
  • Employment & Volunteerism Required
  • Emphasis on Building Relationships in the Recovery Community
  • Curfews
  • Recovery Meetings, Counseling & Additional Rehabilitative Requirements (On-site)
  • Random UA and BA Testing

Welcome House, “Where miracles happen everyday!”