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Residency Requirements

Sincere Desire

The primary requirement for admission to the Welcome House is a sincere desire to be sober and change your life.

Detox & Continued Abstinence

Complete abstinence from the use of alcohol or other mind-altering substances is required of all residents. Clients must be detoxed before admission – Welcome House does not have the medical facilities necessary for this purpose.

Recovery Meetings, Lay Counseling Sessions and Welcome House University

AA/NA meetings, lay counseling sessions and Welcome House University courses are mandatory (On-site).


Residents of Welcome House are required to seek and maintain employment. Job search and networking assistance is available. 


A weekly rent is paid by the client to help cover room, board and educational expenses.

To schedule an intake interview, please call 816-472-0760, Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.