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Court Ordered Program

The Welcome House Court Ordered Program

The Welcome House Court Ordered program has proven to be one the most successful programs in the history of the Welcome House. Evidence of that success is demonstrated by the following:

2011 to 2016 Success Rate

  • 138 residents graduated (fulfilling the Court order), satisfied all program requirements and paid their rent (138/194 or 71%)

  • 38 of the 138 graduates remained beyond their Court order (a minimum of two weeks)

Additional Court Ordered Progam Components

  • Restricted to Welcome House for Duration of Order

  • Immediate (within 24 hrs) Notification to All Appropriate Parties (non-compliance or discharge)

Courts and jurisdictions, throughout the Kansas City metropolitan and surrounding areas, have utilized this program as an effective, recovery based alternative to incarceration. 

“From time to time, I meet people who basically tell me that I saved their lives by sending them to Welcome House. I know the Welcome House program works, and when someone tells me that Welcome House saved their life, I get this wonderful feeling that can only come from doing a good thing.”

Vernon E. Scoville, Retired, Judge 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri

“Even though I was court order to WH for a full 60 days, I feel like it was the best half of my 120 day sentence. I felt very welcome from the first day I got here. The weekly rent is well worth it when you take into consideration three meals a day, a free gym membership, and the camaraderie of the House. With the combined sobriety and the peacefulness of the environment, I haven’t slept this well in a long time.”

Chris W., Court Ordered Resident 2015