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Ancillary Programs

 “Lay Counseling” Program

Based on the 12th step, the “Lay Counseling” program is a peer support program that connects residents with individuals in long-term recovery from the Kansas City community. The program is designed to provide recovery coaching or mentorship to residents that are new, or returning, to recovery. “Lay Counselors” are not licensed professionals and are not employees or independent contractors of the Welcome House. “Lay Counselors” are alcoholics and addicts in long-term recovery that volunteer to be of service to other alcoholics and addicts.


Rehabilitative Jobs Program

The Rehabilitative Jobs Program is designed to help residents establish a structured daily routine, a sense of community, responsibility and productivity, and provide a recent work history and reference. The program includes an “emergency aid” component called “Jumpstart”. New residents, who are unemployed, must participate in “Jumpstart” while also seeking permanent employment. “Jumpstart” participants work up to twenty hours a week, during the first two weeks of residency, to earn room and board credit only.

In addition to “Jumpstart”, the Rehabilitative Jobs program includes 18-20 program resident positions that provide residents with employment and work experience opportunities in program support roles. These positions are limited and restricted. They are only available to current residents in the Sober Living Recovery program. These positions include working the desk, in the kitchen, as a driver and in maintenance or custodial roles. Program resident positions are not intended to be long-term employment positions.

The Welcome House has established a network of employers and agencies willing to provide permanent or temporary employment opportunities to residents. Although employment or placement is not guaranteed, if the effort and work is sincere, new residents to the Welcome House will typically find some type of employment within the first week of residency.


Welcome House University

The Welcome House University program provides workshops and educational content to Sober Living Recovery program participants. Whether it’s a class focused on one of the 12 steps, sponsorship, spirituality, relapse prevention or professional development, the program is designed to provide residents with information and tools that will assist them on their path to rehabilitation and recovery. Current classes include but are not limited to the following: Intro to the 12 steps, Relapse Prevention, Financial Literacy, Healthy Relationships, Conflict Resolution and Professional Development.


Alumni Fellowship

The Welcome House Alumni Fellowship program encourages continued involvement with the Welcome House program for former residents that continue to walk the path of recovery on their own. Every Tuesday night is “Alumni Night”. Former residents of the Welcome House, in good standing, are encouraged to join current residents for dinner and to stay for the Tuesday evening recovery meeting, led by Welcome House alumni. Additional alumni events and opportunities for alumni to stay involved with the Welcome House are scheduled throughout the year, including the Alumni BBQ and Welcome House Night at the K.