Rehabilitative Jobs Program

With a network of employers and agencies willing to provide permanent or temporary employment opportunities, the Rehabilitative Jobs Program at Welcome House provides recovering residents opportunity, a structured daily routine, a sense of community, responsibility and productivity. 

Though employment or placement is not guaranteed, Welcome House residents generally find employment within the first week of residency. Because all residents are required to pay room and board at Welcome House, the Rehabilitative Jobs Program includes an “emergency aid” component called Jumpstart. New residents without employment must participate in Jumpstart while also seeking permanent employment. Jumpstart participants work up to twenty hours per week in their first two weeks of residency to earn credit toward room and board.

Additionally, the Welcome House offers limited and temporary in-house employment and work experience opportunities in program support roles.  Open to current residents in the Sober Living Recovery Program only, these positions include serving at the reception desk, in the kitchen, as a driver (with clean driving record), or in property maintenance and custodial roles.